678 Miles On The Odo: 1991 Saturn SC

The average car person will remember Saturn as the GM brand presented as an alternative to Japanese compacts that marketed its Tupperware body panels and a “different kind of car company” vibe. But the truth is sometimes obscured by busted valve guide smoke and the first Saturn was a concept car released in early 1984 by a group of former members of GM’s leadership team who had started their own private company. GM re-absorbed the malignant growth and launched the SL/SC models for the 1991 model year. Today’s Saturn would have been sold at the “no haggle” dealership for $11,750 and it has only been driven a few times around the block for a total of 678 miles. Sure, you’d be better off investing in Apple stock, but I have to imagine this is the only Saturn on planet Earth to have actually appreciated in value. Find this 1991 Saturn SC offered for $12,950 in Santa Ana, CA via driverexera.com.

From the seller:

Stock #:4405
Paint Color:Green
Engine:1.9L L4 DOHC 16V
Speed / Gear:4 Speed

ONLY HAS 600 miles garage kept car !!!! Our payment calculator tool is based on Tier 1 Credit and provides estimated monthly payments only. Actual payments may differ from that shown.

The biggest problem with a low mile, slushbox powered Saturn SC is..what are you going to do with it? Can you drive it? Nope. Can’t risk flipping the 4th digit on the odo, so you are limited to 20 miles a year. Can you impress your friends with it? Nope. What about winning awards at RadWood? Are you seriously going to flatbed tow a Saturn SC or own a toy-hauler to get awards for this thing at a car show? Really? Is this what car collecting has devolved into?

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