6 of 50: Betty: 1967 Jensen Interceptor, Project

The Jensen Interceptor featured an Italian designed and built body with American V8 power and British build quality…hey, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  Check out this 1967 Jensen Interceptor with factory 383 cubic inch Chrysler V8 and right hand drive. This project can be intercepted in Seattle, WA for $12,500 or best offer…or trade via craigslist. Simultaneous tips from Cameron S and Ryan T.

Jensen Interceptors have been affordable for many years, which is strange given their rarity and performance compared to similar era British cars, but with recent feature in the latest Fast and Furious installment, the F&F crowd may push prices up like they did to the MkIV Supra.

The right hand drive is a novelty that will wear off as you bungle simple maneuvers like parallel parking, but at least classic cars wear ballooney 60 series tires that will never allow rims to be rashed.  Also, expect to spend many dollars and weekends restoring this pile of dilapidated parts into something nice.

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