5k: Zombie Ready: 1974 Dodge W100 Powerwagon

Nine out of ten doctors agree, out of all your internal organs, you brain is likely the most important (doctor number 10 is a urologist and probably a pervert based on his response to DT’s scientific outreach survey).  Keep your medulla oblongata safe from the oblong teeth of the flesh eating undead with this 1974 Dodge W100 Powerwagon outfitted with city camo and a Zombie Outbreak Response Team logo offered for $5,000 in Temple City, CA via craigslist.

To escape the hoards of infected you’ll need the 360 cubic inch V8 and 4X4 with divorced transfer case setup.  The seller admits that it needs some wiring fixes and a balance of the front driveshaft before it gets reconnected to the transfer case, but those are things you can take care of while you stock up on clean water, bandages, beef jerky and what ever else you’ll need once the local Walmart parking lot is full of mindless brain dead folks…too late you say?

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