5k: You Want Fries With That? 1962 DKW Junior de Luxe

You might expect something called the DKW Junior Deluxe to come from an establishment that uses a pedophile clown, slutty heiress or creepy wax statue monarch for a spokesman, but the Junior Deluxe was an automobile built from 1959 to 1965 by Auto Union AG.  It is also one of the most unconventional 60’s cars you will ever find that will have Saab 96 owners scratching their heads in confusion.  Find this 1962 DKW Junior de Luxe currently bidding for $9,500 with less than one day to go (zero bids), located in Spain.

The DKW Junior was more than just a little unconventional, it was catastrophically different.  The engine was an aircooled inline-3 mated to the front wheels and the modern looking body was actually hiding a body on frame setup.  But that isn’t the end to the insanity by a longshot!

Under the hood was a watercooled inline-3 two stroke that used a
separate coil and points setup for each cylinder to generate 34
horsepower and 52 ft-lbs of torque.  The radiator was mounted on the
back side of the engine via a huge radiator hose without a water pump. 
Adding oil to the gas was required in the small gas/oil tank in back if
you didn’t want to buy a new engine every week.

That funky rear mounted radiator was mounted near a flap that could be opened to allow hot radiator air into the cabin for a heater.  Nothing quite like the warm smells of a 2-stroke engine bay to wake you up on a cool winter morning.  The only trans available was a conventional 4-speed manual gearbox shifted via the column.

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