5k: With A Boat On A Trailer: 1962 Rambler Classic 400

I am sucker when it comes to buying cars with matching accessory items.  An E30 with an E30 based BBQ trailer is awesome, as is anything Volvo military with matching trailer,
but a car with a matching vintage boat is just beyond cool.  Find this
1962 Rambler 400 with boat on trailer offered for $3,500 buy-it-now here on eBay located in Cincinnati, OH.

On the great list of All Things Cool and Mobile this combo must live somewhere between the McLaren F1 and a CAT 797F High Altitude Mine Truck.  Each item on its own is perhaps a poignant reminder of how far we’ve come as a species on transportation, but they go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Abbot & Costello or the Senate & People of ancient Rome. 

The Rambler classic was model was born when American Motors Corp merged the Rambler Six and Rambler Rebel
names into a single model.  The intermediate sized sedan dates from the George
Romney era at AMC and sold well enough to push AMC into third place in US vehicle sales
behind Chevrolet and Ford.  The 400 trim added the aluminum block (with iron head) 196 straight-6 that pushed out 127.5 horsepower when it wasn’t pushing bits of its head gasket out of the way.

What can you find that is better for using to explore the world? (No, the Millennium Falcon doesn’t count, unless it can actually make a jump to hyperspace) tips@dailyturismo.com