5k: White Cake: 1975 MG Midget 1500

The MG Midget was a badge engineered version of the Austin Healey Sprite and shared mechanical components, sheet metal — basically everything but the badging.  In the 5th generation (1974) the Austin Healey Sprite had been discontinued, but the Midget was now powered by a larger 1.5 liter engine and will have a better time keeping up with modern traffic.  Regardless, the Spridget has a certain enduring charm and a dedicated following — and is also a great way to get into a restored classic roadster for the price of a wreck in many other makes/models.  Find this 1975 MG Midget offered for $6,000 in West Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

The Midget/Sprite are mostly known for being about the cheapest way to get in a British
roadster, and unless you jam a big V8 into the front of your Spridget, you won’t be beating any riding lawn mowers at the next tractor pull.

Under the hood is 1.5 liter engine shared with the Triumph Spitfire and Morris Marina, good for 65 horsepower, perhaps a few more with the seller’s modifications.  This car does look like a great example of the previous owner’s money and the current asking price is very reasonable.

You don’t need to be a midget to drive a midget, but it helps.  They are small cars, but offer a simple mechanical connection to the road that is absent in 99% of the cars available from dealerships today.

Interestingly enough, this one is also cross-listed here on the Turbobricks forums (yes – Volvos) so the owner obviously has good taste in cars. He also links to his full photobucket album with pictures of this car and the totaled Midget that donated all of its greasy bits to this ’75.

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