5k: What Do You Do With It? 1979 AMC Pacer Wagon

Tipper Busa7 writes us with a link to this sweet 1979 AMC Pacer Wagon offered for $3,999 CDN ($3,677 USD at time of printing) offered for sale in North Lancaster, ON, Canada via kijiji.ca.  The best part is that Busa7 included a bunch of potential reasons you might need this 4.2 liter inline-6 powered Pacer…add more in the comments below.  In his own words:

How can you not love this. It is pure design genius from the fake wood grain, to the naugahyde interior, the lovely shade of hangover puke and looks only a mother could love it is the perfect car if:

1. You are entering clown college in the fall and you want to impress as well as have room for all the floppy feet, baggy pants and bubble noses you will need to complete your education.

2. You really need to break up with your GF of multiply years but you cannot because let’s face it she is kinda scary. Picking her up in this thing should fix things real quick.

3. You have a deep desire to join a very exclusive club; with only 2500 made there cannot be many left and an invite as the celebrated marque at Pebble Beach cannot be too far away, and finally (this one is a little serious)…

4. The perfect car for a long tour of North America’s back roads, with it’s vast storage, easy ingress, marshmallow tuned suspension, fast food stain proof interior and no obstructed views from the interior it is the perfect way to see all of the sites on the bucket list in a big old rolling bucket.

And the best part it is only $3,999.99 Canadian $ which we all know is not real money and the seller will likely take Tim Horton’s gift cards and Canadian Tire money as equivalent, what a bargin.

With only 61k on the clock I am sure there are plenty of other uses that the readership can come up with but I humbly share my thoughts and welcome comment.

Thanks for the link and great ideas Busa7, keep ’em coming!  EIC Vince