5k: What Color Is This? 1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout Wagon

The AMC Hornet was a compact family car built as a replacement for the Rambler American brand/model starting in 1970.  Hornet production continued through 1977 when it was superseded by the AMC Concord and the groundbreaking AMC Eagle crossover utility vehicle.  However, before the Hornet disappeared into the history books, it was produced as a coupe, hatchback, sedan, and wagon — and it was available with Levi or Gucci interior options in the awesome Sportabout wagon spec.  Find this 1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout Wagon offered for $3,000 in Brea, CA via craigslist.

If you are going to pick up an AMC Hornet, the coolest one to get is the Sportabout wagon.  From the front it looks like any ‘Murican wagon from the 70s, but from the back it looks like an imported hatchback.   Now you can have your 4 doors and keep your hatch too!!  The Hornet had a number of available inline six and V8 powerplants, but this one is powered by a 258 cubic inch straight-6 good for 110 horsepower and 195 ft-lbs of torque.

The steel wheels and dog dish hubcaps, coupled with the lack of side trim lend a working-class air to this Sportabout. Perhaps the perfect donor vehicle for a sleeper project – twin turbo 4.0L Jeep inline six?

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