5k: Vintage E28: 1985 BMW 535i

 BMW’s E28 generation 5-series lives the in netherworld between classic and depreciating junk..but soon enough it will be redeemed.  The E28 M5 is already recognized as a winner, but the 535i is 9/10ths of the M5 at 1/3rd of the price and those are the kind of numbers we like to see on the pages of the Daily Turismo.  Find this 1985 BMW 535i currently bidding for $6,101 with 1 day to go.

 The E28 is instantly reconizable as a BMW 5-seires from the era of diving board bumpers.  Swapping in the tidy Euro style bumpers is an option, but frankly the car will lose some of its 80s charm without the Frank Lloyd Wright balcony inspired bumpers.

Don’t be surprised if you do see a small waterfall under the front bumper balcony, because the E28 is from the era when BMW had a hard time figuring out how to make a reliable cooling systme last for hundreds of thousands of miles without regularly replacing plastic pressurized coolant tanks and water pump impellers.  Independant of cooling system woes, the M30B34 is a 3.4 liter (ignore the 535 on the trunk lid, BMW started creativity in its naming badges during this time) inline-6 that makes 185 horsepower. 

Inside this e28 sports a decent set of burgundy seats but most importantly – a do-it-yourself shift knob attached to a 5-speed manual gearbox.  A surprisingly large percentage of 535i models sold in the USA have the manual and the car drives/feels like a much more modern vehicle. 

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