5k: VetteCruiser: 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Project with LT1

The first generation Vista Cruiser featured a unique skylight for the rear seat passengers and a raised rear roof section above the 3rd row passengers.  Today’s market for Vista Cruisers and the similar skylight equipped GM siblings is all over the place, but good examples fetch decent money and rusty pits are worth scrap value.  Today’s feature fits somewhere in the middle but is offered for a low price.  Find this 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser project with LT1 fuel-injected V8 for sale in St Louis, MO for $3,000 via craigslist.  Tip from Scot.

The first generation Vista Cruiser is the coolest looking of the Cruisers and featured a 330 cubic inch Olds Rocket V8 for family hauling duty.  This one needs some cosmetic work but features a few hidden tricks under the rat-rod exterior.

The power under the hood comes from a fuel injected Chevy LT1, a 5.7 liter push rod V8 that pushes anywhere from 260-300 horsepower depending on donor. This one came from a ’95 Vette meaning it was the 300 horsepower and 340 ft-lbs of torque version, a welcome increase in power/reliability/refinement from the stock Olds engine.

The interior doesn’t look as bad as the outside, but it is hard to tell from the one photo.  Additionally cars that look horrible on the outside usually have an interior to match, so budget for some new interior pieces too.

This isn’t the worst looking Cruiser we’ve ever seen and if it is free from rust on the underside it could be a great deal.  Put another $3k into paint and you’ve got a $6k fuel injected Vista Cruiser with new paint.  That ain’t shabby.

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