5k: Variety Is Spicey: 2007 Toyota Yaris “Race Car”

The general consensus from the commenters who responded to this Friday’s Coffee Brake question is that they (you?) like the mix of cheap crap  collectible classics and cool drivers.  Variety is what the readers want, so let’s test that hypothesis with a make/model never before seen on these pages. Find this 2007 Toyota Yaris prepped for racing offered for $6,500 in Lennox, CA via Craigslist.

Whenever I see the words “race car” in a crapslist/fleabay listing, I get all  tingly on the outside, and no, it’s not psoriasis.  There are race cars on craigslists, all manner of NASA, SCCA, LeMons, Chumpcar, and even NASCAR prepped cars are available in various parts of the country, however a large percent of these “Race Cars” are simply a case of a weekend gone too far with the you, your buddies, a few cases of Coors Light and a handful of spanners.

Starting under hood, we see a supercharger attached to a mostly stock Yaris 1.5 liter inline-4.  A few things, first, bolting a supercharger on your Yaris instantly disqualifies it from any of the typical racing series associated with NASA/SCCA and you could probably run in a modified class, but will quickly get your ass handed to you by guys in C5 Vettes and actual race cars.  Same goes for drag racing, autoX, rally, etc. 

On the inside is is clear the owner of this Yaris is going for the motorsports experience, gutted carpet, headliner, no rear seats…but…it still has a full dash and functioning AC.  If you are going to gut the car, you should really gut the car.  This half way approach to weight reduction is also met with a lack of installed roll cage, a necessary component if you are going to do any serious wheel-to-wheel racing. 

So, what we’ve got is a street car that is noisy, about as fast in a straight line as the average rental car and totally off limits to 99.5% of the people looking for a lightly used Yaris.  Oddly enough…if it had back seats, I might consider looking at it…  tips@dailyturismo.com