5k: V8 Swapped: 1976 Lotus Elite

The Lotus Elite was a shooting brake style beast that was the world’s most
expensive 4-cylinder car when launched and is now traded on the weekends
for a sizable Beanie Baby collection.  Swap in a Chevrolet V8, slap some nasty customized trim and scare the neighbors with one like this. Find this 1976 Lotus Elite with V8 swap here on eBay currently bidding for $200 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go.  Tip from Spiderbill.

When it left the factory, this Elite had a Lotus type 907 inline-4 cylinder
engine displacing 2.0 liters and rated at 155 horsepower.  It also was free from the Buick (?) portholes on the fenders, giant hood scoop and oversized wheels.

Under the hood now is a small block Chevrolet V8; probably a 327 cubic inch version if the crypic text in the advertisement can be trusted.  When properly uncorked a 327 should be good for 300 horsepower, but who knows in this one.

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