5k: Upgraded Slant-6: 1972 Dodge Dart Sedan

 The fourth generation Dodge Dart was introduced in 1967 on Chrysler’s A-body platform.  Sales of the A-body were phenomenal when
Valiant, Dart, Demon, Duster, 3700, Centura, Charger, Valiant Drifter,
Valiant Pacer and Scamp sales were all combined, but the Dart accounted for the bulk of the sales and is the easiest to find parts today.  Find this 1972 Dodge Dart Sedan offered for $5,000 in Pasadena, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rod S.

The hot rod scene is filled with souped up V8s and bone-stock slant-6 engines, but seldom does someone choose to modify his 6-cylinder classic.  It is probably because they are pig-iron lumps with non-cross-flow heads and limited aftermarket support making it cheaper to swap in a V8..but…sometimes different is good!

If the modified slant-6 appeals to the inner rebel in you, then this example should get your blood pumping.  The original 225 cubic inch engine has been modified with an aftermarket intake manifold, carburetor, and exhaust headers.  No word from the seller on any power figures, but it should be able to keep with a stock 318 powered Dart and look cool while doing it.

The interior of this Dart is an interesting combination of original granny style pieces and a small diameter aftermarket steering wheel + seats from who-knows-what.  It doesn’t look bad, just a little odd.  The biggest problem with this car is the lack of clutch pedal, it could be pretty slow/unfun with the auto.

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