5k: Unknown: Suzuki Powered Trike

This next feature comes to us as a tip from Jon who simply writes: Weird – Wacky – Wonderful? Let’s dissect that –but first you gotta see these pictures.  Find this Suzuki Powered Mystery Trike offered for an unlisted price, located in Seattle, WA via craigslist.

Weird: In the great catalog of automobiles that look like a giant wasp is mating with a Model T, this is just about the coolest looking example I’ve seen.  Wherever you go, it will be the weirdest car you’ve seen all day and people will pull out their cellphone like you are a celebrity or have a giant wasp humping the back of your Model T.

Wacky — The handling dynamics of three wheeled vehicle that uses nineteenth century suspension up front and a motorcycle wheel out back is going to be delightfully strange.

Wonderful — This thing is powered by a 1 liter sport bike engine and should be a handful with anything other than light throttle on a perfectly flat and dry tarmac.  It looks great! tips@dailyturismo.com