5k: Thunderstruck: 1986 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, 5-spd, Custom

It was abstract expressionist and paint hucker Jackson Pollock who is famously quoted as saying “The strangeness will wear off and I think we will discover the deeper meanings in modern art.”  The strangeness hasn’t worn off; some would say Mr. Pollock’s paint drips are no more art than is the stain on a dirty diaper and if you want simple proof – look at the automobile.  The automobile is certainly the highest cost item of “sculpture” that we spend time shopping for and not many OEMs produce paint jobs that look like the pavement under a tree full of egret nests.  Additionally, with the notable exception of the BMW 5-Series GT, body designs are meant to be pleasing to the eye, so if you want a modern art paint job, you are either going to need to look hard at doing it yourself, or buy someone else’s abomination.  Find this 1986 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe with 5spd for sale in Boston, MA for $4000 via craigslist.

In 1983 the Ford Thunderbird was reborn from the ashes of a full sized Ford chassis grandpa cruiser into a Fox body aerodynamic styled coupe with available turbocharged engines and manual transmission.

The Turbo Coupe was powered by a 2.3 liter inline-4 cylinder engine put out 155 horsepower and 190 ft-lbs of torque, seemingly pitiful numbers today, but in its time it was considered a fun car.

 This T-Bird has 71k miles on the odometer, and paint job aside, looks in nice condition.

So in summary this T-bird started life as a simple Turbo Coupe and has been covered in “custom paint.” What do you make of the design? It looks like a flaming piece of foul on one side and perhaps some skid marks running over everything…but perhaps it’s best to ask the seller for clarification.

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