5k: Take Me To Your Leader: 1966 Autokit Invader GT Kit

The Invader GT was Volkswagen Beetle based kit car manufactured in the 1970s by a small California outfit called Autokit.  Autokit was at the time a new venture started by a 22 year old entrepreneur named Bruce Weeks, who may have been a visitor from another galaxy because his kit looked out of this world and has a steering wheel that can only be reached by the gangly arms of a Zeta Reticulan.  Find this 1966 Autokit Invader GT Kit offered for $3,500 near Philadelphia, PA here on Craigslist. Tip from K2 Mystery Car.

The seller lists this car as a 1966 model year, but that is probably the year of the donor vehicle and this more than likely from the mid 1970s.  Unfortunately, information on the Autokit Invader GT is not that easy to find, but you can read some info on the Invader in this 1974 issue of Popular Mechanics.

The Invader GT gets power from whatever donor car (or engine) was used and in this case the seller says it is powered by a 1300 cc VW engine.  Power could be anything from 50 horsepower stock or more depending on modifications done over the years.

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