5k: Sunday Morning Pick Me Up: 1966 Volkswagen Type 2 Pickup

How about a nice early Sunday morning deal on a Volkswagen type 2 – the kind of basic no reserve eBay auction with reasonable bidding that restores your faith in humanity.  Prices for Volkswagen type 2 (Bus, Vanagon, Kombi, whatever you call it) have taken a significant increase in recent years.  What was once the cheap refuge for barefoot hippies is now an appreciating asset that can be traded for significant Woodstock memorabilia, (community) college tuition or stay at the Betty Ford clinic, but today’s feature isn’t as high as the typical Type 2 driver.  Find this 1966 Volkswagen Type 2 Pickup currently bidding on ebay for $6,700 with a few hours to go, located in College Grove, TN.

A stock Volkswagen Type 2 isn’t going to win you any drag races, in fact, it can lead to some harrowing experiences merging onto modern freeways, but it will always get you thumbs-up from fellow air cooled owners and are cheap/easy to run.  The pickup version are not as common as the typical Bus/Van, but can seat three people and haul a bunch of junk in the rear open bed…just not heavy junk since the engine barely puts out enough power to move air.

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