5k: Streetported Killerbee: 1980 Mazda 626 Coupe 13B Powered

The 2nd generation Mazda Capella was known outside Japan as the Mazda 626 and featured classic front-engine rear-drive setup and a few basic 4-cylinder powerplant options. Of course the best versions where saved for the Japanese domestic market and here in North America we only got a smog-choked 80 horsepower from 2-liters, but the owner of this one tossed that lump on the scrap heap and fired up the sound of ten thousand killer bees.  Find this 1980 Mazda 626 Coupe 13B Powered for sale in Kansas City, KS (just where is Waldo anyway?) for $4,000 via craigslist.  Tip from Christian E.

The 626 coupe is a handsome car and this one has been lowered a few millimeters and sits on a set of aftermarket wheels.  It is hard to tell from the abysmal photos taken by the seller, but it could look cool in a ugly 80s vibe.

Power comes from a Mazda 13B engine swapped in from a Mazda RX-4 and would have made 110 horsepower when new.  The seller states that it has been street ported which could mean anything from a few extra ponies, to 200 horsepower and 1/16th of an inch from spewing coolant all over the ground.  Porting a Wankel will give you quick/cheap power gains as long as you avoid cutting into cooling passages and turning your engine casing into a doorstop. 

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