5k: Strange Brew: 1967 Renault R10

4-Nov-2013: The Renault R10 was a small boxy-styled 4-door sedan from the Frenchmen in the small town of Flins and Aubergenville, 40km outside of Paris, France.  The R8/10 family was allegedly one of the first 4-door family cars to offer 4-wheel disc brakes and its rear-engine rear-drive setup is unique for the number of doors..but not its class.  Not sure what the reality of driving an R10 is in modern traffic…but guaranteed you’d be the only one in the company parking lot.  Find this 1967 Renault R10 for sale in Long Beach, CA for $4,900 via craigslist.

 Update 12-Apr-2014: This Renault R10 is back on the market, now with updated pictures and much lower $2800 asking price

You need to be a bit of a wierdo to have any vintage French automobile in your driveway – not just because they aren’t known for reliability/useability but also because they weren’t seen much when new and today are rarer than just about anything.  A vintage R10 will probably require regular maintenance and constant fiddling, but it could be worse (see Lada, Gaz…etc)

The R10 used a 1.1 liter inline-4 cylinder watercooled engine that put out 50 horsepower into the rear wheels.  The big competitor to the R10 was Volkswagen’s ubiquitous Beetle and the R10 shared a swing-axle rear end, engine placement, engine size…but was obliterated in sales numbers (in the US market) by the German car.  

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