5k: The Stinger: 1970 Subaru Sambar

 The Subaru Sambar was introduced in 1961 as Japan’s first Keitora (軽トラ) or kei class truck.  The Sambar was based on the Subaru 360 platform and was powered by a small 2-cylinder 2-stroke engine mounted low and in the back — which makes the Sambar about as close as you can get to half of a VW Bus without taking out your hacksaw.  Find this 1970 Subaru Sambar offered for $5,500 buy-it-now on ebay with 6 days to go, located in Bells, TN.

First, it is important to point out that the seller has a badass collection of vehicles in his “yard.”  I spy a 360 Ladybug, tractor, stakebed tractor, giant old bus with the words Teep Wicker on the side and some kind of late 1800s buggy way in the distance.  Another photo from the inside of the Sambar shows what looks like a burnt down house or an outdoor pool surrounded by brick columns and wrought iron fencing and a coterie of truck parts arranged haphazardly in the yard.

The Stinger sits half on pavement, half on grass, in a state of disrepair — it actually looks cosmetically approachable and better than many of the “ran when borked” classics that rust next to tractors across the great plains of North America.

Perhaps fixing a car that doesn’t run isn’t the best use of your time and you want something a little more turnkey — consider this 1970 Subaru Sambar offered for $10,000 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.  Unfortunately the seller includes the detestable phrase “too much to list” and leaves it up to the buyers imagination to figure out what has been restored.

 The seller is kind enough to include a bunch of photos of the brake drums and one of the exterior.  Which Sambar would you pick?  All your tips belong to us tips@dailyturismo.com