5k: Snail Power: 1989 Nissan S-Cargo

The Nissan S-Cargo was launched in 1989 as part of the Pike series (Be-1, Pao, Figaro and S-Cargo) of retro-styled economy cars. Nissan’s Pike cars beat the
New Beetle, New Mini, PT Cruiser to the retro-style market, but keep in mind that the old Mini had been retro-styled by default since
about 1970, and the Beetle since about 1960.  Find this 1989 Nissan S-Cargo currently bidding for $750 reserve-not-met on eBay with 5 days to go, located in Bellingham, WA.  Tip from Johnny.

It has only been a few weeks since we published a story on another S-Cargo, but if you like yours to be less ladybug and more stock, this one seems to be the ticket.  This one also has the added benefit of being legally registered in the state of Washington according to the seller.

The retro styling of the S-Cargo doesn’t stop at the outside; it also uses zany retro-futuristic styled dashboard.  Some hints of French styling
can be seen in the Citroen-like steering wheel, and everything else is
playfully different from the average econobox. 

The S-Cargo only has seats for two occupants because the rear cargo space is reserved for your junk.  The S-Cargo is the perfect city car for a florist, baker, or someone who needs a small delivery vehicle that will be easy to find in a parking lot.

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