5k: Sleeper Sedan: 1983 Ford LTD 5.0 Swap

Update: 18-Jan-2015: This 1983 Ford LTD with 5.0 swap is back up for sale, this time here on craigslist for $4,500 located in Long Beach, CA.  Tip from Sean S.

Original Feature 8-June-2014: The fourth and final generation of Ford’s LTD sedan was introduced in 1983 riding on the Fox platform.  Previous generation LTDs had been big body on frame elephants and the LTD chassis donated to the revival of the Crown Victoria model.  The final mid-sized iteration of the rear-drive LTD sedan only lasted for a few years before it was replaced with the front-drive Taurus.  All were automatic transmission equipped and lackadaisical in acceleration, but today’s example has a few surprises under it’s smurf blue skin.  Find this 1983 Ford LTD 5.0 Swap
currently bidding for $2,200 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go on ebay, located in Los Angeles, CA.

A set of large wheels and a lowered ride height won’t set you out of the crowd in LA – half the old American cars still driving around have been modified in some fashion.  But this one sports totally blacked out trim and a nice but not gaudy paint job that makes it stand out.

Pop the hood at your local friday afternoon car show and sudden Ford guys will pop out of the woodwork and be drawn to this 5.0 like moths to a flame.  The flame in this case is a 5.0 liter fuel injected V8 from a 1991 Ford Mustang that is mated to a T-5 manual transmission.  GT-40 heads, an aftermarket cam and a California BAR legal sticker suggest something north of 200 horsepower, maybe 250 if the tune is good.  300 would be pushing it without a seriously lumpy cam and raised eyebrows at your next biannual smog check.

 A quick glance at the interior shows a lot of things that wouldn’t have come from the factory in 1983. The steering wheel and dash are from a 1991 Mustang, the seats are 2007 Hyundai Tiburon, but everything else looks fairly well presented.  It isn’t perfect, but offers a pretty good bang for buck in a customized mid 80s sedan.

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