5k: Sky Blue: 1956 Studebaker President

What could be more appropriate for our President’s Day celebration than a Studebaker President?  The OG Studebaker President was the high-end offering from Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company as they branched out from wagons to electric powered horseless carriages.  The name was revived in 1955 as the name of Studebaker’s fully optioned sedan and was phased out in 1958 as Studebaker started its death spiral.  Find this 1956 Studebaker President offered for $4,500 in Johnson Creek, WI via craigslist.

This President is offered from a seller who states in a very matter-of-a-fact style that the car is original and could be restored or driven as is.  He also has a boat and at least one more Studebaker stored in his garage and that has got to count for something.  Boat owners understand the costs of not doing maintenance on time more than anyone and the hope is that this car is as clean under the hood as it looks from the outside.

The single interior shot is blurry, but it does show some missing parts and a wrapped steering wheel – never a good sign.  A classic like this will never be a money maker for a restorer/flipper, but it could make a cool/odd weekend driver for anyone looking for a sub $5k classic.

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