5k: Shooting Star: 1973 Volvo 1800ES

The Volvo 1800ES was a shooting brake version of Volvo’s aging P1800/1800S/1800E platform, meant to breath new life in the old parts.  The frameless glass tailgate equipped version only sold 8,000 units for the ’72 & ’73 model years, but the prices don’t really reflect that level of exclusivity…yet.  Wait too long and you might find the cheap 1800ES is thing of the past like the dodo bird, cheap 911, and Lindsey Lohan’s probation…and we’ll have to move on to beating another dead horse.  In the meantime, giddyap <whack>.  Find this 1973 Volvo 1800ES offered for $4,500 in Vancouver, Washington (not Canada) via craigslist.

This Volvo 1800ES  isn’t some kind of preserved show queen, but the ratio of rust and rot to price is very favorable if you examine recent comps.  The lack license plates and seller’s wording indicates he might be some kind of liquidator, but if the car runs and drives well, I don’t see how you could lose on this one. 

Under the hood is the original B20E fuel injected 2.0L pushrod four that develops
124 horsepower.  The 1800ES isn’t a heavy car, so performance isn’t bad when compared to similar vintage classics.

The interior has its share of rips/tears, but it is easy enough to fix at a local upholstery repair shop and much simpler to refresh an interior than deal with a rusty chassis.

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