5k: Seller Submission: 1999 BMW M3 E36 Convertible

Update 11/24/2014:  The seller has dropped the price to $5,500 and has asked if the price is too high…what do you guys think?  Is $5,500 fair for one of the best 90s sport sedans built?

Original Post 9/26/2014: Whenever I start talking about the E36 M3, folks get this far-away look in their eyes and sometimes fake a cell phone call.  Do you hear that buzzing, that must be my phoneWait wait, I shout, the E36 M3 may have the interior quality of a stone age raft and the rear end is held in place with adobe, but the engine is bulletproof and the chassis is more communicative than the chatty Cathy who sat next to you in science classa and was popping Ritalin  like they were Tic Tacs.  Find this 1999 BMW M3 Convertible offered for $6,100 $5,500 in Brooklyn, NY via craigslist.  Seller submission from Rus.

The E36 M3 market is really good for buyers, even low mile minty clean examples…hey…hey, where are you going…why do people keep doing that.   This isn’t a 100% stock example, and the seller concedes it does need some work, but where else are you going to find a fast hard top convertible with a set of usable rear seats for this cheap?

Under the hood is the legendard S52B32, a 3.2 liter inline-6 that was rated at 240 horsepower and 240 ft-lbs of torque.  The US spec M3 may have been almost 100 horsepower down from the European version, but the US version is known for excellent durability.  You might hear all kinds of funny noises from the engine, but it just keep running.  This one has only 127k miles on the clock and it should be good for many more.

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