5k: Seller Submission: 1990 Mazda MX-5 Turbo

The Mazda MX-5 arrived on the US shores in 1989 as a 1990 model with the name Miata on its trunk lid.  The MX-5 really was a world changer because for $14k USD you could buy a convertible sports car with cat-like reflexes, great build quality and a bullet-proof drive-train.  Better still, the MX-5 in the used market continues to be a great starter vehicle for the Daily Turismist on a budget – a gateway drug for gear-heads.  Find this 1990 Mazda MX-5 Turbo for sale in Emory, GA for $4,900 via craigslist.  Seller submission from Boomer.

Sharp eyed viewers will recognize the name Boomer from a seller submission of a 500SEC Benz offered a few weeks ago.  Boomer is helping an elderly friend (who owned/ran a performance auto shop while he worked on a doctorate in Psychiatry) sell both of these cars.

This MX-5 has a Bell Engineering turbo bolted onto the stock 1.6 liter inline-4 and is boosted to 195 horsepower or almost twice the original power.  It should be quite a handful and a blast to drive fast.

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