5k: Seller Submission: 1970 Datsun 240Z Barn Find

Mention the term Barn Find around car guys and you get two responses.  The first is from the group who starts fantasizing about restoring the car back to its original glory and the second are guys who start thinking about how much they hate money pits, rust pits and spider pits.   Here at DT headquarters near the intersection of Lazy Avenue and Poor Street we firmly maintain that a barn find needs to be a significant deal to be considered and you should never pay the previous owner for the privilege of restoring a car.  A barn find should be drastically cheaper than survivor or restored version of a car and the buyer should be rich in free time to fix/restore.  Don’t buy a barn find if you just had triplets or work a full time job and go to night school, but it isn’t a bad idea for the recently retired.  Find this 1970 Datsun 240Z barn find for sale in Portland, OR for $5,000 $3,400 via craigslist.  Seller submission from Ian.  Update Jan 28, 2014, 11:15AM PST, price dropped to $3,400

The Datsun 240Z was for years one of the best affordable classic 2-seaters to be had, but the market has been very bullish recently and early Zs demand decent money.  This S30 is from the first year of production with serial number 3242 and will make a nice driver when complete.

Before you start thinking we’ve lost our minds and think an engine-less Z is worth $5k, please read the fine print and notice that 2 engines are included with the sale (one recently rebuilt) as well as 3 transmissions, two 4-speeds and one 5-speed.  

This 240Z has been through a number of paint schemes causing this passenger’s door to resemble a Colombian flag.  As far as we can tell the CAT yellow was the original color; the blue and red are 2nd and 3rd resprays respectively. 

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