5k: Seller Submission: 1962 Volkswagen Baja Bug

The Volkswagen Beetle is the best selling car of all times, with over 21 million of the air cooled freeway clogging tweedledee-exahust-note menaces leaving dozens of VW factories around the globe.  Most Beetles have long been cleared from the road due to careless owners, structural rust & accidents caused by miserable handling characteristics, and a precious few remain on the road today (okay, by few we mean..maybe…11 million).  Of those remaining, they typically fall in the buckets of basket case, trailer queen or baja bug, the latter being our preference.  Find this 1962 Volkswagen Baja Bug for sale in Chico, CA for $5,000 via craigslist.  Seller submission from B Slus, who says he is “Selling to help fund my 1969 911e restoration project.”

This Beetle was originally sold with a sub 50 horsepower air cooled flat four, but it now has been upgraded to a 1600 cc built dual-port engine with something on the order of double the stock HP.   The exterior was painted a few years ago and still looks great, plus the interior is in perfect condition.  Many parts have recently been replaced and for $5k this looks like a much better deal than the typical $2k Baja Bug that needs another $5k in repairs.

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