5k: SAAB Gone InSAANE…Supercharged 1971 SAAB 95 V4 Wagon

Here in the US it’s not exactly rare to see supercharged ’70s wagons as owner-built hot rods, be they mid-sized muscle cars like a Chevelle or Torino, or more esoteric creations like a Pinto wagon hot rod. But the editors of DT can definitively say that we’ve never seen a supercharged, V4 powered SAAB 95 hot rod wagon. That’s because SAAB wasn’t/isn’t one of our major national automakers and does not have a big following here – leave that to Sweden, where this rip-snorting sinister looking front wheel drive wagon was built originally and then born again, under the sign of boost. It would be quite the street terror here, and we sure it is in its home country too. Find it here on blocket.se in Skaraborg, Sweden for 44,000 SEK (only $6810 US at time of writing) or partial trade for a backhoeBig thanks to DT reader Nicholas B. for the tip!

The 95 wagon is sure odd looking to our American eyes, even in stock form. But we can’t quite process what we’re seeing here. A screw-type supercharger has been mounted atop the original Ford-designed Taunus V4 engine, with a carbon fiber intake double-snorkus feeding the supercharger via a duct into the back of the housing. All of this is poking through a tidy hole cut into what looks to be a carbon fiber hood – or at least, an original steel hood with some carbon patterned negative flame graphics – we can’t be too sure.

What we are sure of is that Swedish home builders put their lazy American counterparts to shame. This little V4 would be laughed at by most red-blooded ‘murrrican enthusiasts, or quaintly restored by the small cult of SAAB followers who wear corduroy jackets with elbow patches and teach political science at the local community college. But the Saabälskare builder of this engine treated it to a thorough porting job, lightened flywheel, upgraded clutch, electronic ignition and fuel injection, stainless steel exhaust headers, to name a few. It’s been decked out in a full custom paint scheme, with replated fittings and pulleys, and SAAB carbon-look vinyl logo decals on the valve covers. It looks clean enough to eat off of, and probably sounds really rowdy too.

The aforementioned double snorkus intake is an interesting choice, and we think we’ve seen something similar on other Euro builds in the past. From this angle we can also see twin atmospheric blow-off valves mounted between the supercharger and intake manifold, likely needed because the throttle plate has been mounted downstream of the compressor. When the driver lets off the gas quickly and the throttle closes but the supercharger is still making boost, the valves open to dump the excess to atmosphere until the pressures equalize. This type of setup is the norm on turbocharged gasoline engines but usually (in the US at least) we see throttle bodies (or more commonly, carburetors) mounted upstream of the compressor on a supercharged custom car. We should sum up this needlessly nerdy paragraph by saying that the whole setup looks extremely clean and well thought out.

From the rear view of this little black wagon, we can see the Mooneyes wheel discs, side-exit exhaust aft of the rear wheels, and custom pinup artwork on the rear hatch signed by someone (the artist or the model?). It seems this builder has gone for an American hot rod look, albeit rendered in classic Svenskbilar form. The spotlight mounted on the A-pillar is another touch that originated this side of the Acrtic Circle. We think the styling elements somehow all work together in a novel way.

We will leave you to ponder the paradox that is this little menace – it’s badass and supercharged, but also front wheel drive and practical. It’s Swedish with an American twist. It is totally custom but uses as many OE parts as the builder could muster. It’s restrained, but wild at the same time.

In case you aren’t thoroughly confused enough by this point, here is the text from the ad, translated (by Google) from Swedish into English. Some of the words…well, they don’t translate, apparently:

“Now want to sell my car in favor of other projects. The car is a totally unique Saab 95: a targeting on everyone’s head when you pass or stop somewhere. There is no rust, the car is in perfect condition and EVERYTHING is restored. Compressor supply to the engine works without complaint along with injection and electronic ignition. The parts are taken from regular cars of different make and model year, but everything is documented. Whoever buys the car from me will get mååånga trouble-free beauty mil. Easy to start, easy to drive, refreshed and with a really fattened sound. list of what is available and what is done: Engine: Fully refurbished ground and cylinder head. Ported intake and exhaust ducts. Lightened flywheel. Reinforced clutch.electronic ignition. Injection. Compressor. Engine mounts in polished stainless steel. brackets compressor in polished aluminum. Alternator brackets in polished stainless steel. New fridge. electric fan. New water pump. New chrome alternator. New cam drive. New fuel pump. Stainless headers. “2 exhaust. Body: No rust.black solid-color . Gangster Hat. New rubber strips.searchlight. clear glass lights up. Helröda taillights.Tailgate cleaned of handles and moldings. Elöppning to tailgate. Tinted windows. New shock absorbers. Cushioned rear with remote compressor in the car.Helical springs up. Remanufactured calipers. New brake lines. New brake hoses . Newly renovated master brake cylinder. Remanufactured clutch cylinders. Underbody Treated and tectylerad in all girders. Interior: Black synthetic leather with red stitching. entire car is soundproof. Black floor mats. Door Pages with black faux leather with red stitching. knuckledusters the shift knob.Big stereo system with big sound of good quality . DVD with 10 “screen that sits in the ceiling. The sound of the DVD is also connected to the stereo. When I built this car, I let nothing is left to chance and it is only fine pieces assembled. Everything has been tested and used for two wonderful summers. Optionally, change is the backhoe or similar plus money. “

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