5k: Rotary Powered: 1979 Mazda GLC ‘Sport’ Hatchback

I may have watched one too many cartoons with my kids, because every time I see a Mazda GLC (Great Little Car), I break into a stirring rendition of I Wanna Be A Good Little Witch and, let me tell you, it can be embarrassing for all parties involved. This can happen in a school parking lot, at work, during a golf game, or even at a funeral — but when I see that little rotary powered crapbox, I can’t help but singing.  Perhaps I need to binge watch some Top Gear re-runs or permanently ban my children from possession of the remote…but in the meantime, channel your inner freak and enjoy this 1979 Mazda GLC ‘Sport’ Hatchback offered here on eBay for $6,500 buy-it-now or make-offer, located in Antioch, CA with 1 day to go.

‘Cause I wanna be a great little car

Give me a chance and I’ll be a star

Just give it a chance and it’ll make a switch 

It wants to be a good little hatch 

<slap>  Okay, much better now.  The 3rd generation Mazda Familia AP was released around the world as the
323, but in North America as the GLC…short for Great Little Car.  It
wasn’t a bad combination for a subcompact — a sporty rear-wheel-drive platform and powered by Mazda’s 4G32 inline-4.

This GLC has had its engine replaced with a Mazda 12A rotary engine that is fed with what appears to be a carburetor larger than the actual rotary parts.  It is a Holley 465 cfm carb attached to Racing Beat intake manifold, and while that may seem like a lot of air for a 1.2 liter engine — remember this is a rotary, so it needs about as much fuel as stage 3 of a Saturn V rocket booster.

Normally this is where I bitch about roll cages being dangerous in street cars because your head isn’t covered in a helmet…but here we’ve got a 5-pt harness already installed, and this thing isn’t legal for California streets anyway…so put on your best Evel Knievel outfit and go driving.  Just don’t let your cape get sucked into that carb.

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