5k Riddler: 1949 Ford Carry All Panel Truck on 4WD Exploder Chassis

In case you aren’t familiar with the Daily Turismo riddler badge – it is a unique honor that we heap upon particularly unique vehciles and is represented by the universal symbol of the penguin, wrench, lawnmower and question mark.  This featured riddler is a 1949 Ford Carry All Panel Truck body, 48 F-100 cab, sitting on top of a 4WD Ford Explorer chassis and powered by a 4.6 liter Ford V8 and decorated with Willys Jeep headlights…and its for sale on ebay in Du Quion, IL for $4,700 with 1 day to go.

Army-man grill?

This Ford machine is an extremely unique vehicle and we are curious to see how it drives.  The Ford Explorer was never a particularly nice vehicle to drive (very tippy and full sized truck-like) and it could be better or worse after going under a madman’s knife.  The seller also describes an ‘adjustable brake and gas pedal” which has us seriously scratching our heads…unless he swapped in the pedal height adjustment feature found on some high end luxury cars.

The donor engine likely came from the 2003 Explorer that donated its 4WD system – and the engine is probably a 4.6 liter Ford modular V8 putting out 239 horsepower and 282 ft-lbs of torque.

Open the rear doors on this self described Frankinford (should be Frankenford?) and whoa…skulls, speed limit signs and a confederate flag… This is one of those cars that you should really consider sending a car hauler service to pickup or maybe bring a few friends along if you go on any test drives.  We aren’t saying that the seller may eat you if show up with an Obama/Biden sticker’d Prius ….but don’t be surprised if he/she tries.

We gave it the riddler badge because of craziness with the Franken-parts, but perhaps we should have given it a Zombie proof badge because you could use its big V8 and four-wheel-drive to plow through hordes of mindless brain eaters.  Plus you could sleep in the back in relative safety, unless you are afraid of pictures of skulls and the old south.

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