5k: Rescue Me: 1971 Mercedes-Benz 250C W114

Another day, another clean and nice car donated to a charity and sold via eBay…seriously, who looks at a car this nice and says “it is worth nothing to me other than a tax write-off.”  The write-offs aren’t even that good anymore, since they closed the loop hole where you could declare anything you’d like — now the actual auction results are used and even if you are millionaire you save 1/3 of the final bidding price?  I don’t get it….but I’d like to get this 1971 Mercedes-Benz 250C currently bidding here on eBay for $2,656 with a few hours to go.

Sure, it might have some engine issues (more on that later) but this car looks way too nice to just donate.  The paint, Paul Bracq designed body, and brightwork is intact (for the most part), registration is good through November of 2015 (meaning it was just paid two months ago), tires are good, interior hasn’t been firebombed, and is stock with the exception of the aftermarket radio (but a working Becker Mexico push button radio can’t be hard to find at a So Cal junkyard).

This W114 C-class is powered by a 2.8 liter version of Mercedes M130 inline-6 that puts out 143 horsepower and 173 ft-lbs of torque (SAE gross).  Unfortunately for this car, the engine has an issue the seller describes as ” a loud knocking noise,” which is probably a spinning part trying to find its way free from rotational constraints.  You could budget for a rebuild, or perhaps just save up for this this 2006 Mercedes W220 S65 AMG V12 bi turbo engine offered for $4,999 buy-it-now.

Even the interior screams –– SAVE ME, PLEASE DON’T PART ME OUT.  This is one of those “if I had the space” cars for many folks, but don’t be surprised if it shows back up on eBay with a valve adjustment and for 4 times the asking price.

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