5k: Repeat Offender: 1980 Lotus Eclat V8

The Lotus Eclat was in essence a Lotus Elite with a handsome fastback body shape, but it shared the Lotus 907 slant-4 engine and lackluster build quality.  Today’s example won’t change your mind about 1980s Lotus build quality, but it packs a big surprise under the hood.  Find this 1980 Lotus Eclat V8 for sale in Littleton, CO currently bidding for $4,020 with 2 days to go.  Tip from Andy L.

Sharp eyed DT readers will recognize this Eclat from the August 2012 feature when it was selling on ebay for around $5k in New Hampshire.  The seller claims it made the trip home to Colorado under its own power and averaged 22 mph mpg along the way.

The seller seems to have spent the last 18 months fixing a few problems with the car and is selling it in a no reserve auction. The Buick-based Rover 215 (3.5 liter) V8 fits under the hood nicely and probably makes the little fastback a blast to drive.

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