5k: Red on Red: 1984 Nissan 300ZX

The Z31 generation Z-car was badged as the 300ZX for the US market and sold extremely well from 1983 through 1989.  Today, the local craigslists across America are loaded with 300ZXs of various condition, but you can pickup a non-turbo low-mile survivor for almost nothing.  Find this 1984 Nissan 300ZX  here on eBay bidding for $2,565 with 2 days to go, located in Chico, CA.

In 1984 Nissan celebrated their 50th Anniversary of building
automobiles with a special edition of their top of the line 300ZX sports
car….this isn’t one of them.  This is a simple non-turbo 300ZX with the manual transmission — probably the cheapest new Z you could buy in 1984, and I find the simplicity somewhat endearing. 

Power comes from a 3.0 liter VG30E V6 that pushes out 160 horsepower (40 hp down from the turbo version) into a 5-speed manual gearbox.  The biggest problem with the non-turbo Z is that it gets compared to the turbo version where there is no contest.  However, if you compare it to other $3k priced 80s sports coupes, it starts to make more sense.

The interior is a about 50 different shades of red and pegs the Liberace meter to 10.  Actually, for a 30 year old car, it doesn’t seem that bad on the inside from a wear/tear perspective.

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