5k: Råtta Rod: 1980 Volvo 242 Chevy V8

16-Nov-2013: The internet pundits who say the automotive culture in America is dying have got it wrong, dead wrong.  Yesterday’s V8lvo was a 10 second auto-trans equipped drag-strip predator, and today’s is a 1/2 price ugly duckling with a 5-speed manual and bad attitude.   Either show that ingenuity, resourcefulness and alcohol run deep in the heartland of freedom.  Find this 1980 Volvo 242 with Camaro V8 for sale in Grass Lake, MI for $6,000 via craislist.

Update 10-Apr-2014: This car is now listed for $4,500 buy-it-now on ebay from the same seller.  Tip from Andy L.

The Volvo 242 is a great platform for a cheap engine swap since getting one in good shape for a few grand is easy.  Settle for one in bad shape and it is a few hundred bucks for everything but a drivetrain. This one falls into the latter category.

The original Volvo designed door stop has been replaced with a GM 305 cubic inch V8 (LB9) from a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 TPI.  Stock the LB9 puts out 190 horsepower and 285 ft-lbs of torque – but the LB9 is seriously under-cammed under-valved and will make another 100 horsepower with proper breathing.

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