5k: Rally Strange: 1990 Lexus LS400

The Lexus LS was launced in 1989 but it took a few years before
buyers were willing to shell out their cold hard cash for an S-Class sized offering from the island of Japan.  The LS offers a level of luxury and cruiser style that is hard to match for the money, but all my years of ogling used cars, I’ve never seen an LS400 mudder before.  Find this 1990 Lexus LS400 offered for $3,500 in Puyallup, WA via craigslist.  Tip from Gary.

Just about any car can be turned into an offroad monster, but the Lexus LS series is a exceptionally strange pick.  This Dukes of Kyoto mud rat is equipped with big mud tires, basher bumper, and some fancy pants off road lights.

Ironically just as the second generation LS was getting
into production, Mercedes was going into the dark era of
Daimler-Chrysler when quality went out the door like underwear at the
prom.  As Mercedes mortgaged its extensive history of building
bulletproof sedans with plastic and poorly assembled junk, Toyota was
paying it forward with a line of maintenance free luxury automobiles
that have stood the test of time. 

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