5k: Rally Rat: 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX with 3.3 liter flat-6 swap

Update Jan 3, 2013:   This SVX flat-6 powered STi rally clone with witch’s-ladle-sized shifter is back for sale with a reduced price, but now with improved pictures, some added parts and a more thorough description from the seller.  Find this 2002 Subaru WRX SVX rally car for sale in Dalton, MA for $6,000 via craigslist.

Hot tip for potential car craigslisters:  If you are going to use a can of aerosol product (be it spray paint, goo-be-gone or hairspray) a blow torch and masking tape to fix some cosmetic issue on your car before taking photos to sell it, be sure to remove said offending objects before taking the picture. 

 The ski pole sized shifter is still intact, but the seller also includes some key information such as:

-The drivetrain, suspension, and about 80% of the mechanical aspects are
from a 2007 STi which have about 70,000 miles on them total.

-The motor is a naturally aspirated 6 cylinder that was swapped out of a
Subaru SVX. The SVX EG33 engine has been completely overhauled and has
had some minor modifications done to it. it has 30,000 miles on it total
since the rebuild.

-The Transmission is an 07 STi 6 speed equipped with a short shift
system and a rally sport shift handle with a DCCD AWD unlock button on
top of it.

-The body is a 2002 WRX shell that has about 180,000 miles on it with
some spots here and there that could use attention but nothing serious.
It has the STi doors, STi seats, STi rear wing, WRX hood and a
functional roof scoop. The undercarriage is excellent and needs nothing
***Although the motor is from a 92 SVX, the vehicle is OBDII compatible and will pass inspection***

Original Listing April 5th, 2013: Typical engine swaps involve putting a modern
engine in a classic vehicle, or swapping a Chevy V8 into anything with
wheels. Every once in a while a swap comes out that almost seems like a
downgrade…almost.  Find this 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX with a 3.3 liter flat-6 from an SVX mated to an STi 6-spd trans in Providence, RI for $6500 via craiglist.  Big thanks to tip from Art.

This Impreza isn’t setup as your typical stance bitch ride; it looks mean and ready for some dirt rally action. Stick some Hella lights on the front basher-bar and go to a night rally!

This early 2000s mudder is powered by the older EG33, a 3.3 liter DOHC flat-6 that puts out 230 horsepower, which is admittedly a few more ponies than the stock 2.0 liter WRX engine (227hp)…but to go through the expense and trouble of an engine swap when the WRX engine is easily tunable to 300 horsepower while still being streetable…just makes us curious…

People have accused the STi 6-spd transmission of being notchy. While we aren’t sure why the owner is using a donkey phallus sized shifter, the huge e-brake handle makes sense…but the shifter that could double as a witch’s cauldron ladle really seems excessive.

Another craigslist ad full of exceptional photos.  We still aren’t sure exactly what to make of an SVX powered STi clone, but it certainly is unique!

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