5k: Pretty Convincing: 1986 Fiero Ferrari 308 Replica

Fiero owners’ collective inferiority complex has resulted in some unique creations. None are as famous as Ferrari replicas, of which few are as clean or make as much power from the stock V6 as this one. Find this 1986 Fiero Ferrari 308 Replica with 250 horsepower for $6,000 reserve not met and $8,500 BIN on ebay in Walworth, NY.  Words by DT contributor slowcarSLOW-MPGlol.

Powering this car is the 2.8L L44 V6 that once made 160 horsepower before being professionally worked over to 3.1L. Bored, stroked, and with a rebuilt head, this Fiero is 10 horses stronger than its 240-horsepower Italian muse. Because comparing Fieros to Ferraris is a thing now.

The bodywork looks clean and might pass for something European to the average onlooker. The interior, though in good shape, won’t fool anyone. However, new upholstery everywhere and a working CD player make it a pleasant place to deal with an identity crisis involving Pat Benatar and Fabio Lanzoni.

For the price, the buyer gets blazing fast low-mileage Fiero in shiny clothes that only needs an A/C charge. He or she might find it useful for impressing people who don’t know better, but they’re probably better off growing a mustache and blasting the Magnum, PI theme song near the beach.

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