5k: Peanut Wagon: 1972 Toyota Corolla TE28

Have you ever purchased a car and instantly regretted it?  That is one plausible explanation for today’s TE28 Corolla that has only been at its new home for 2 months and is being sold with pictures from the flatbed delivery.  The other options are that the seller legitimately needs funds for another project, brain surgery, brain surgery school, brain surgery school loans…or he picked it up cheap and is flipping for a profit.  Whatever the reason, this still looks like a good deal to me.  Find this 1972 Toyota Corolla TE28 Peanut wagon offered for $6,000 in Chicago, IL via craigslist.

Introduced to the world in 1966, the Toyota Corolla managed to become the best selling car in the world by 1974.   The little subcompact rear-drive chassis wasn’t a game changer with throngs of buyers when introduced (like the Mustang for instance), but it combined practicality, frugality and simple family motoring into a decent package.  This TE28 (or 26?) Peanut wagon is the cooler option of the 2nd-gen (20 series) US Corolla lineup and sports some bitchin aftermarket wheels.

This Corolla has had a drivetrain swap from a later Toyota and is powered by a 3T-C (making 70ish horsepower from the California spec 3T if stock) and 5-speed T50 transmission.  The 3T is a 1.7 liter OHV inline-4 and plenty of power is available if you open your wallet and ask nicely.

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