5k: Patina’d Padmini: 1961 Fiat 1100D

Check out this 1961 Fiat 1100D with 4 on the tree, spare parts and original shop manual for $6000 located in Westwood, CA for $6,000 via craigslist.  Tip fro Kaibeezy who writes: What’s italian for ‘patina’? Why, it’s ‘patina’ – and here you can see
what’s in the dizionario for patina – and yet, it doesn’t seem to be a
disaster – don’t you want to climb out of this in front of the Italianest cafe in town in your paint splattered overalls, roll a
cigarette, twist the lemon rind into your espresso, and whip out your
dog-eared copy of Alberto Moravia’s Il Conformista.

The Fiat 1100D (1100 for the engine displacement and D for “delight”) was a simple and popular sedan built in Italy from 1961 to 1971.  When the product line had run its course in Italy, a small Indian firm purchased the right to build and sell the 1100D rebaged as the Premier Padmini.  The Indian version lasted through model year 2000 in a remarkable production life.

The 1100D has a 1.1 liter inline-4 mounted up front that puts out 43 horsepower and 54 ft-lbs of torque.  The seller (who claims to be the 2nd owner since new) says the engine runs well and it is equipped with a 4-speed manual shifted on the tree.

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