5k: Ottocentocinquanta: 1968 Fiat 850 Berlina

The Fiat 850 was a sub-compact 2-door built in Italy from 1964-1973 and was roughly the size of an Austin Mini.  The water cooled 850 is somewhat overshadowed by the air-cooled and quirky Fiat 500 (cinquecento) but rarely seen in the wild today.  Find this 1968 Fiat 850 Berlina for sale in Sunland, CA for $6,500 via craigslist.

This ottocentocinquanta is equipped with some kind of automatic transmission called the AutoStick and if you thought a manual transmission 850 was slow, just wait until you try to accelerate in this meatball.  It will be slower than trying to push a slab of marble uphill while standing in a pot of spaghetti sauce.

The US market 850 was powered by a 817 cubic centimeter (49 cc) inline-4 that puts out something around 44 horsepower into the rear wheels.  Rated specs don’t really matter when you get sub 50 horsepower in a passenger vehicle, just expect to drive wide-open-throttle everywhere you go and you be passed by everyone.

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