5k: NotACop: 2003 Mercury Marauder

The Mercury Marauder was a hot rod version of the Mercury Grand Marquis, which was really just a tarted up version of the Ford Crown Victoria. In the early 2000s Mercury’s product lunatics managed to convince someone to let them shove the 302 horsepower Ford Mustang Mach 1 DOHC 4-valve engine into the full-sized Panther platform sedan and the rest is history.  Find this 2003 Mercury Marauder for sale in Wichita, KS for $5900 via craigslist.

The Marauder took the basic Grand Marquis and blacked out the chrome, added a set of 5-spoke 18-inch wheels with Mercury ‘god-head’ center caps and included smoked tail lights for a factory ‘murdered-out’ look.  Often Marauders are mistaken for a pimp-my-ride Crown Vics, but this example is pretty visually bone stock.

The Marauder received the DOHC “4-valve” 4.6 liter Ford Modular V8 that was used in from 1996-2004 in the SVT Mustang Cobra and various other Ford factory hot rods (Lincoln Aviator, Lincoln MkVIII LSC, Mustang Mach 1, etc).  In the Marauder the 4.6 puts 302 horsepower and 318 ft-lbs of torque into a 4-speed automatic transmission (no manual option in anything other than a Mustang).

The Marauder was equipped with some brushed aluminum trim in the place of the Grand Marquis nasty faux woodgrain trim and also got the P71 Police Interceptor 140 mph speedo and aluminum driveshaft.  This Marauder has almost 150k miles on the odometer, but we still think it would make a great daily driver for someone who doesn’t care about fuel economy or the ‘goon’ image.

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