5k: Nota540i: 1996 Infiniti Q45t

Imagine that you are interested in replacing your BMW 540i wtih something not quite as common as a 5-series and your ‘car expert’ friends will tell you a good alternative is an E-Class, Audi A6 or Lexus LS…but they are idiots as the thinking man’s choice is clearly the Infiniti Q45. Get new friends and checkout the original G50 generation Q, as it came with a viscous limited slip diff, multi-link suspension and all-alloy DOHC V8 powering the rear wheels.  Find this 1996 Infiniti Q45 for sale in Canton, GA for $4990 via craigslist.

If you’ve passed many G50 generation Q45s without giving them a second glance, don’t be ashamed because they look very much like any number of mid-sized mid-90s sedans.  However, the Q45 is pure kobe beef wrapped in plain brown butcher paper.  The “T” designation on this 1996 model means it maintained some of the sportier features of the early models, including a fast ratio steering rack and limited slip diff.

The early G50 cars are equipped with the VH45DE V8, a 4.5 liter DOHC alloy engine, rated at 278 horsepower per the Japanese auto manufacturer’s Gentleman’s Agreement, but producing closer to 310 horsepower and 330 ft-lbs of torque.  The odd looking spider shaped intake manifold hides the longitudinal mounted V8 and equipped with a 4-speed automatic the Q45 was good for 0-60mph in about 6.5 seconds.

The Q-ship had an upmarket interior – as nice or nicer than the competition since NissanInfiniti was trying to prove its capabilities in the mid-sized luxury market.  Infiniti also kept the chrome and wood grain to a minimum, instead focusing on ‘soft-touch’ materials, the result being an interior that looks much fresher than an e39 BMW.

We typically avoid used cars from small dealers, as they tend to coat everything in a thick film of Armor-All and lies, but this particular example looks nice and isn’t priced ridiculously high.  Certainly you can find cheaper Q45t’s for sale, but individual sellers can be just as shady and we think this color combo is perfect.

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