5k: Not For Fun, For FUNDS: 2000 Ford Taurus SE Wagon for $3k

 We here at DT have a mission to get as many cars into our garages as possible for as many different types of driving; but there’s one type of vehicle that is hard for many of us to escape.  Something to haul the wife and kids to work/school everyday that isn’t prone to unexpected delays due to mechanical failure.  Hunsbloger keeps pounding us with his low cost of ownership and operation of no less than 4 Tauri/Sable as the cheapest way to get something safe, economical and most of all cheap enough to afford us the opportunity to spend our hard earned cash elsewhere.  Trust us when we tell you that is the only reason this 80,000 mile 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon, with Duratec V6 offered at $3,400 here on eBay  is gracing our pages this morning.  The low mileage ones are all but gone, which makes this 80,000 mile example worth your time to consider.

This car has everything wrong with it, its ugly, its an automatic it has no design charm but its also cheap to buy, cheap to insure and long enough on the basic creature comforts to keep the peace on the daily haul.  The only thing you need to know about this car that it has the bulletproof Duratec V6 which will give your wife 200+ hp and 26 mpg on the highway on the cheapest gas you can throw at it.  On those rare occasions that you need to haul your friends’ kids (because their Daily Tursimo broke down) there’s room for your three kids in car seats in the middle seat and room for two bigger kids in the rear facing third seat.

Even the owner doesn’t have much to say about this car, so just check it to see if it has the airbag logos are on the seat bolsters indicating that it has the side curtain airbags and make sure that it has 4 wheel disc brakes instead of disc/drums.  If you get really lucky it will have a Mach 1 Audio system which sounds pretty good if you can get buy with just the radio, cause these pre-date CD players and USBs, but this one looks like it might have been upgraded.

We apologize for taking your time to post this schlepwagen, but go ahead and offer this guy less than $3,000 because the plates indicate that this isn’t the first owner of this car and they probably didn’t pay much for it anyway.  But it this doesn’t work for you find us a better, more reliable $3,000 car that keeps your wife from complaining that you’re spending all your hard earned cash on a car that doesn’t run and is too unsafe to take your kids to school in and email us at tips@dailyturismo.com

PS..While you might buy what we have to say, and may even buy this car…for the sake of your marriage, remove the little red ball from the antenna before you take it home to the wife.  Its also a telltale that the automatic power antenna is probably stuck in the up position.