5k: No Option: 1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible

One of the tricks when buying a used car is that you should always pick the example with the most options from the OEM.  Those options can add up to tens of thousands of dollars on a modern luxury car, but you’ll often get them for free when you pickup a used example because everybody looks at KBB and the options don’t make much difference.  What about on an older classic?  The same principle applies, except that sometimes a low optioned car has a certain appeal…but how low can you go before it just becomes ridiculous?  Find this 1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible currently bidding for $5,000 here on eBay located in Flint, MI.

This Chrysler Newport is not only powered by the most basic V8, but it is also shifted with a 3-speed on the tree manual…however it gets the ultimate stripper title because it has manual steering and manual brakes, plus a radio delete option.   

The 2bb fed 383 cubic inch V8  is good for 290 horsepower and 380 ft-lbs of torque — which isn’t much to push around the 4300 lb curb weight, a majority of which will be placed directly over the non-assisted steering box.  Turning radius is a moot point when you physically can’t turn the wheel from a dead stop….but perhaps you’ll never reach a dead stop with manual drum brakes.

Know of a cheaper way to get the top down on a stripper?? tips@dailyturismo.com