5k: No Love: 1966 Chevrolet II Nova 4-Door Sedan

I always feel sorry for well preserved 4-door muscle cars.  They get no respect.  It is a shame because they do offer more room for your kids, plus easy rear seat access for adults…and they can be picked up for cheap.  Find this 1966 Chevrolet Nova 4-Door Sedan offered for $8000 in Phoenix, AZ.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The Chevy II was introduced in 1962 as GM’s competitor to the compact
Ford Falcon and eventually assumed the name Nova in 1969.  The II/Nova
was not a revolutionary car like the rear air-cooled
engined Corvair and instead was a bare bones 18 month
concept-to-showroom front engine rear drive compact that appealed more
to mainstream conservative buyers in the mid 60s.

Power in this Nova/II comes from a  327 cubic inch small block V8 good for 350 horsepower and mated to a powerglide automatic transmission.  It won’t be the fastest thing around, but it probably does a good job at being an auto shifted cruiser.  You know, the kind of car you Dad (Grandpa?) would have driven in the 80s. 

The seller claims this is an older restoration that has little or no rust, but it does need minor body work from an “incident.”  The interior condition looks great.

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