5k: No Affiliation: 1984 Plymouth Turismo

The litigious staff of Daily Turismo LLC GmbH GT-R would like to issue the following disclaimer: The vehicle listed below is not endorsed by or affiliated with the Daily Turismo staff, its holdings, or its shareholders. Daily Turismo expressly disclaims all liability for severe and debilitating depression associated with the ownership of this vehicle and offers no guarantee that it was indeed found in a barn and not a garage, shed, shack, shanty, or lean-to. Any resemblance between www.dailyturismo.com and this 1984 Plymouth Turismo “barn find” is purely coincidental. Find it for $3,200 in Seattle, WA.

Sadly, the news of this 54,000-mile front-drive hatch offering came after the death of an 86-year-old Washington woman. An estate sale revealed the unique car taste of “Turismo Sally,” may she rest in peace. Thanks to her ownership, the car has a spotless interior and original tires that probably hold air from 1984.

Fun fact: The massive c-pillars and lack of passenger side mirror made the Turismo Ralph Nader’s muse for his “Unsafe at Any Speed” follow-up, “Blind Spots at Every Speed” (That didn’t really happen. – DT Law Office). Don’t expect much speed from the 2.2L engine. Maybe 96 horsepower, as opposed to the turbocharged Shelby Charger’s 146. An automatic transmission does the job without pretending to be anything special.

If you’re a Daily Turismo disciple and have started packing your LS1 T56-swapped Volvo 1800ES for a road trip to Washington just so you can have a car called “Turismo,” save your time. Buy a sticker instead. Even the craziest Iacoccaphile will hold out for one with a manual transmission or the aforementioned Shelby version.

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