5k: Mothers Day Special: 1933 International Rat Rod Straight-8

When the writers of the Daily Turismo spit balled mother’s day feature concepts over rounds of white Russians, the theme that kept returning was ‘cars that Mom would drive’…except this was clearly wrong and we needed to continue drinking… What tells Mom you love her more than the classic 1930s “Mom” with heart tattoo? Nothing.  Logically, we needed to find the car that is the automotive equivalent of the “Mom” tattoo.  Find this 1933 International Cab based Rat Rod with Straight-8 power located in Weld, ME for $8,000 via craigslist. Happy Mother’s day to all Moms out there!

What Mom wouldn’t love to see her son drive this Rat Rod around town?  She could probably hear him coming from miles away be able to start warming up his dinner and moving the cows out of the barn so that he can protect it from the elements. 

The seller doesn’t give many details about this Rod, except that it is based on an International Truck cab and  Goes and Handles Real Well.  We are terrified to know what the seller considers a ‘poor’ handling vehicle.

Plenty of room for mom in the passenger seat.  She even gets her own skull covered knob to hang her purse on.

The coolest thing about this entire build is the Straight-8 engine, not many vehicles left on the road have 9 main bearings and if we can believe the hand painted lettering on the side it looks to have come from some kind of Buick. 

See a better straight-8 powered machine?  email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com

Seriously, happy Mother’s day to all Moms and if you haven’t, please be sure to give you mom a call, hug, email or tweet.