5k: Moped Maniac: 1978 Acoma Super Comtesse Minicar

The Mini Comtesse Super Coupe was a microcar launched in 1978 by a small French company named Acoma.  It was one of those LSD induced 1970s visions of the future, where the future was as much about style as it was about being totally uncomfortable and miserable.  It was as if the futurists from the day were yearning for a North Korea lifestyle they had not yet experienced.  Find this 1978 Super Comtesse Minicar here on craigslist, offered for $4,500.  Tip from dascpcu.

The Super Comtesse was the 4-wheeled successor to the earlier Comtesse 3-wheeler, which was probably banned for being a terrible idea.  This particular Microcar is being offered from the “collection” of an 83 year old dude (seen in photo above) and just needs some sorting before it’ll be back on the road.

Little information exists on the interwebs about the Comtesse Super, except that it is powered by a 47cc moped engine that will get a single occupant to a top speed of 24 mph.  If your baseline is a motorized rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk) in the third world, this will be a refined machine…but otherwise the only use is to start your own microcar museum

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