5k: Mooo: 1977 Pymouth Volare Wagon

This next feature is (or should be) instantly recognizable as coming from a recognizable classic car seller out of Lakeland, Florida.  The seller originally sold cars with the seller name ClassicsbyLash, later changed to aaaclassics1983 and now seems to be called classicarivals…but features the same well posed and HDR’d photos of impeccably clean classics.  Find this 1977 Pymouth Volare Wagon here on eBay currently bidding for $5,805 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go.

The Volare (okay, it is technically the Volaré) was a badge engineered version of the Dodge Aspen that was the 1976  Motor Trend “Car of the Year” prize, and so totally plagued by quality defects (and recalls) that it almost
caused Chrysler to go bankrupt. 

This brown cow is powered by a 225 cubic inch slant-6, the iron block G-engine that was built in various forms from 1959 through 2000.  The undersquare (stroke longer than width of bore) design is undesirable for power and revvs, but great of producing lots of torque at low rpms — great for farm equipment, airplane tugs, and forklifts. 

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